Priming Walls


This morning, we primed the walls in our Chinese house garage set. We’ll be painting the walls in the next few days. This weekend, we’ll be filming several dramatic recreation scenes with Li Jing and members of Qiu Jin’s Women’s Army.

Enjoy this short 12-second time-lapse photography movie of us priming the walls.


Chinese Furniture


Chinese Furniture that we need

We are looking for traditional Chinese furniture items to be used in several scenes set in Qiu Jin’s residence and school. These scenes will be filmed in the Bay Area. If you have traditional-looking furniture similar to the ones pictured below that you can lend to the production, let us know!

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Costume and Hair Tests


Today we had a friend come in to try out some costumes that we brought back from China. Edric is modeling two outfits, a Qing Dynasty Soldier uniform and a gentry class scholar outfit. Let us know what you think!

Qing Dynasty Soldier

Gentry Class Scholar

On Route to Shaoxing


We’re on route to Shaoxing, where Qiu Jin’s former residence and school reside. We arrived in Shanghai in the late morning. The taxi drivers are crazy! Ours was weavng in and out of traffic at high speed, sometimes making three lanes where there were only two! After settling into our hotel, we walked around the area near our hotel on Pujian Road. In the evening, we met up with my cousin King-Jung and Rae’s former co-worker, Sid, going to Raffles City for dinner.

Our driver is arriving any minute now to take us to a film equipment rental house so we can load up on lights, stands, and modifiers for our shooting this week.