China in T-Minus 12 Hours!


Inside the Pelican 1510 case

We’re less than 12 hours away from boarding a Cathay Pacific Airways plane for Hong Kong! Over the next three weeks, our team of five people will be traveling and filming scenes from The Qiu Jin Project. Rae and I are excited to kick off principal photography for the documentary.

Here are some photos of what we’re bringing. Most of our photo and video equipment is contained in the Pelican 1510 case. The 1510 can be carried onto an airplane. It’s got our video camera, digital still camera, lenses, and accessories. It’s good that it’s relatively small (compared to this huge Pelican case I also own) because it forces me to bring only the essential equipment. The large gray bag contains my clothes, audio XLR cables, and my tripod. We’re bringing a small Gitzo 1128 tripod for photo and light video work. When we arrive in Shanghai next week, we’ll rent a heavier tripod for our video work. Finally, the laptop bag contains our MacBook Pro, which we’ll be using to download footage, process images, and stay in touch with the world.


3 thoughts on “China in T-Minus 12 Hours!

  1. Alan Yuen

    With all that gear, is it carry on? I thought carry on was one bag per person, and check it was some small weight allowance like 20-25kg?

  2. I was able to carry the Pelican case and my laptop bag on flights inside of China. Although it’s written that passengers can only bring one carry-on, the rule was pretty much ignored. We saw many people with their rolling luggage and laptop bags on the airplane.

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