Arrived in Hong Kong


JP relaxes with his neck pillow and eye-mask.

We just landed at Hong Kong International Airport and are waiting in baggage claim. The flight was safe and uneventful — just a little long at 16 hours. We watched several movie during the flight, including Minority Report, My Lucky Star, and Rescue Dawn. For the last movie, we watched in on my MacBook Pro using the new iTunes Movie Rentals feature from Apple. Once we get our film done, we’d love to get it distributed via iTunes!

Upon our arrival and exit from baggage claim, we were greeted by my parents and Rae’s parents, who took United to fly to Hong Kong. We took a 30-minute ride to our hotel for the next few days, the Royal Plaza Hotel.

Right now, it’s 10:44 pm our time, around 6:45 am back home in Santa Clara. Tomorrow, my cousin Peter is getting married to Zelda. We’ll be partaking in the wedding festivities for much of the day. We’ll take the next few days to get acclimated to the surroundings, recover from jet lag, and prepare for the meat of the trip, starting the 27th when we fly to Shanghai.

Check out photos from our flight to Hong Kong today!


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