Berkeley Screening Recap and Photos


Autumn Gem at UC Berkeley

It’s been a week since our screening at Rae’s alma mater. Apologies on the delay getting this recap and photo gallery out. We had another great turnout at Berkeley last Thursday. Thanks to AAS 121 (Professor Harvey Dong’s Chinese American History class), Asian American Studies, Asian Pacific American Student Development, Cal Taiji & Cal Wushu for sponsoring and publicizing the event. By our count there were about 130 people in attendance, ranging from students to faculty and to the sister of Tien-Fang Hou, one of the sponsors of our New Jersey screening in October. The crowd didn’t give me too much of a hard time being the Stanford-half of the Autumn Gem team; I’ve never been one to be too into the whole Stanford-Cal rivalry. After all, many of my relatives attended Cal, and I grew up a bear loving fan before becoming a tree hugger.

With the Berkeley screening, we concluded our tour schedule for 2009. Autumn Gem will be back in 2010 on January 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm, at the San Francisco Public Library in Chinatown. We hope our successful 2009 season will be a springboard for a great 2010!

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Park with Doug, Crystal, Ben and Petrice. It’s so cold now in the Bay Area, I can’t imagine eating fro-yo or ice cream anymore!

Here are photos from our Berkeley screening.


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