College of Southern Nevada Screening Recap


Rae at the College of Southern Nevada

On Thursday, we held a screening at Professor David Wang’s Chinese language class at the College of Southern Nevada. The students who were taking the class came from very different backgrounds, and their reasons for taking Chinese were equally diverse. One individual had a dream of moving to China and setting up an orphanage. Another student was half-Chinese and wanted to connect with her parent’s family in Taiwan. Yet another saw China as the next thing and didn’t want himself nor his family left behind in the coming years.

There’s a photo of me when I was a child learning Chinese characters, but I don’t really recall every going to Chinese School. I studied French from junior high through college. Living in France was never a problem for me because I was confident in my language abilities. That confidence was non-existent in China or even Hong Kong where my parents are from. I think I speak for many Asian-Americans of my generation who either (1) didn’t go to Chinese School or (2) didn’t really pay attention at Chinese School that I really wish I went to and excelled at Chinese School! It’s never too late for me, however, and I’m looking forward to the day when I will learn Chinese.

Here are some photos from our screening at the College of Southern Nevada. Afterwards, Cynthia from the US China Peoples Friendship Association drove us to the airport so we could catch our flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Big thanks go out to her, as well as Pongky and Myta for hosting us in Las Vegas.

I’m writing this blog post from our hotel room in Tempe, Arizona. That’s where Arizona State University is located and where we’ll be holding tomorrow afternoon at Lattie F. Coor Hall, Room 170, 976 S. Forest Mall, Tempe, AZ.

Here are photos from our screening at the College of Southern Nevada.


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