Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach

Following our short visit to the Sydney Opera House, my uncle took us to lunch over at Bondi Beach. Located 7km from the city center, Bondi Beach is a very popular beach that reminded me of beaches in La Jolla where I grew up. I don’t think I ever appreciated how amazing La Jolla was until I came back to San Diego during my college summers. Seeing the Pacific Ocean open up as one exits Highway 52 is a lovely and amazing sight. I do wonder what it would be like to live in one of those houses just on the waterfront. Would I become desensitized to the view over time or would I remain captivated everyday with the brilliant blue sea?

Bondi Blue in the original iMac

When the first iMac was released, the color of the translucent jellybean-shaped Mac was called Bondi Blue. Arriving at Bondi Beach, I could instantly see why Apple called it that. The color really looked like the original iMac!

Uncle Clement took us to lunch over at Bondi Icebergs, a North Italian restaurant just overlooking the beach. He has been the perfect host for us during this trip. Traveling to foreign countries is really great when you have a local guide around to show you the sights and sounds!

Here are photos from Bondi Beach in Australia.


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