UC Santa Barbara Screening Recap


Autumn Gem at UC Santa Barbara

Our first stop in our final SoCal tour of 2010 was at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Our screening was arranged by the East Asia Center and held at the Multicultural Center Theater. Rae and I drove down from the Bay Area; we started our drive at noon, since I had an event that I was covering at Apple. Fortunately, we encountered no traffic on the 101 and arrived at Santa Barbara in just four and a half hours.

The crowd at the MCC was mostly comprised of students and graduate students from the university. Normally, students are a bit shy to ask questions, but a couple of students were particularly inquisitive and kept asking us questions. That’s good! We love to field questions and hear what people think about the film.

The screening was co-sponsored by the East Asia Center and PIRE-ECCI (The Partnership in International Research and Education in Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces). Thanks go out to Professor Mayfair Yang and MCC Associate Director Viviana Marsano for organizing the event.

Following a night at the Franciscan Inn in downtown Santa Barbara, we took a walk along the beach. Santa Barbara reminds me very much of San Diego, and Rae especially liked the Spanish Colonial architecture. I can see why some of my friends decided to go to this school coming out of high school!

Here are photos from our screening at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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