University of Texas at San Antonio Screening Recap


UTSA screening of Autumn Gem

After a night at my relative’s house in Houston, Rae and I drove three and a half hours to San Antonio, Texas, for our second screening at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I was last in San Antonio back in 2001, during which I also visited Austin, Houston, and San Jacinto.

Had we arrived the day before, the campus would have been a lot busier due to Saturday being UTSA Day. That’s when the public can meet with faculty, students, and experience the Roadrunner lifestyle.

We had a mix of community members and students at the screening. Among them was a Japanese woman from Brazil. She told us that early Japanese immigrants to Brazil were snookered into slavery. Her friends whom she brought to the screening were interested in documentary films; perhaps they should get together to work on that!

Our film screening was sponsored by the East Asia Institute at UTSA. Thanks to Mimi Yu, Danielle Xu, Professor Wing Chung Ng and all the student helpers from EAST for hosting us. Professor Donald Lien presented us with a print of Qiu Jin’s calligraphy. Unfortunately, the print couldn’t be delivered in time for the screening, so he gave us a photograph of the print. We’re looking forward to displaying it in our house soon!

Here are photos from the University of Texas at San Antonio screening.


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