Autumn Gem DVD


As we prepare for our upcoming two-week trip down to San Diego, we’ve been hard at work creating first version of the AUTUMN GEM DVD. This version contains the movie, scene selections and a support page. The Special Edition with photos and commentary will come out later.

Here’s what the DVD will look like:


Up till this point, we’ve been burning one-off DVDs using the SuperDrive on our Macintosh. We weren’t going to do that for 700 DVDs, so we went with DiscMakers to handle this job. With these DVDs, we’ll be able to give a version that we’re happy with to prospective screening organizations, donors, friends, family, and cast and crew members.

Here’s a photo of the DVD jacket. For eco-purposes, we’re avoiding the jewel cases and going for a paper jacket:



3 thoughts on “Autumn Gem DVD

  1. Adam Kurt Waggoner

    To whom it may pertain:
    I am interested in finding out where the movie “Autumn Gem” can be purchased. When you are able to, I would appreciate the information.
    Sincerely and Respectfully,
    Adam Kurt Waggoner

  2. We’re not quite ready to sell our DVDs at this moment. The ones you see in this post were specially made for the D7 conference. We’ll have an announcement out on DVDs in the Fall.

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