Screening at La Jolla Country Day School


Screening at La Jolla Country Day School

On May 22, we held a screening at Adam’s high school, La Jolla Country Day School. It was great to meet up with former classmates, teachers, and family friends. All in all, about 200 people were present for the documentary, which was shown in the Four Flowers Theater. Back when Adam was a student at LJCDS, the Four Flowers Theater did not exist! The school has undergone quite a transformation since his graduation in the early 90s.

Here are some photos from the Country Day Screening.


3 thoughts on “Screening at La Jolla Country Day School

  1. Adam and Rae!

    Bravo on an incredible and beautiful screening. What an amazing story of human accomplishment and faith. It was such an honor to be invited, and to see you both shine. Everyone should get a chance to see and learn this beautiful story.

    Best to you both, and as usual, thanks for posting the great pics 🙂


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