City College Screening Recap and Photos


We had a couple of firsts at our Autumn Gem screening at City College of San Francisco yesterday. The place was packed, thanks to the combined efforts of the Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, Cinema and Women’s Studies Departments; we had over 90 people in attendance. The second first is one that I’m not all that proud about; we had our first technical mishap during the screening of the film!

Normally, we play the movie off of Rae’s MacBook Pro. Everything was going fine until the midway point in the film when the video completely froze and the audio started repeating! QuickTime X was completely unresponsive and force quitting (command-option-escape) would not work. Fortunately, I had also brought my own MacBook Pro as a backup for this very situation. While Rae answered a few questions from the crowd, I quickly got my MBP set up with the projector and sound system. The rest of the screening went off without any major issues. Phew!

During the Q&A session, someone asked about airing this film on PBS. We reiterated our desire to have the film shown on television. For us, it’s a matter of finding the right contacts and going through the proper channels. If any readers have any contacts, please let us know!

Following the screening, we headed down to Stanford to pick up posters that the Center for East Asian Studies had made for us. We didn’t have much time to talk with the staff there, as we had to get back to our house for an interview with the Palo Alto Weekly. Back in 2003, I had done a photo internship with the Weekly; now, six years later, we’re the ones getting featured!

Here are some photos from the City College of San Francisco screening. Now, it’s on to publicizing our Stanford and Berkeley screenings on 11/30 and 12/3. Help us spread the word!


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