Deakin University Screening Recap


Deakin University screening

On Tuesdsay, we took the Metlink Tram to Burwood where one of the campuses of Deakin University is located. Deakin is a relatively new university, having only been established 25 years ago. It has campuses in several locations, including Geelong, the site of the 2010 Worlds Cycling Championship happening this week. Had we more time, it would have been fun to see some of the top racers in the world duke it out — drug-free hopefully — for the rainbow colored jerseys.

In contrast to the RMIT University screening the previous day, we had a lot more staff and outside guests come to this screening. There were several friends of my parents’ friend Bella in attendance. In addition, two of Li Jing’s compatriots from the Beijing Wushu Team were present. We have enjoyed meeting and making connections with the extended family of all those who contributed to the development of Autumn Gem!

Our screening was sponsored by the Centre for Teaching Asian Languages at Deakin. Program Coordinator Shannon Cheale and Centre Director Alex Kostogriz were the perfect hosts, providing refreshments for guests and even giving us these Deakin scarves following the screening. These already have come in handy as the weather has gotten dedicedly cold in Melbourne and Canberra. Shannon even drove us back to the city following the screening, which was useful since the tram ride takes an hour!

One of the comments that we’ve been receiving in Australia has been whether or not we’ve screened the film in any Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong. It’s definitely in our plans, though our focus to-date has been on English-speaking Western nations. That said, I think these Asian countries would appreciate seeing a Western-interpretation of their beloved national heroine. We hope that 2011 will bring about a full Asian tour of Autumn Gem!

Here are photos from our Deakin University screening.


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