Bellarmine Forum at Loyola Marymount University


Autumn Gem at LMU

Our fourth and penultimate screening was held at Loyola Marymount University. Autumn Gem screened as part of the 2010 Bellarmine Forum. This year’s focus was on Women’s Art and Activism and featured a weeklong series of panels, performances, and art exhibits. Our film screened on the opening day in the Ahmanson Theater inside University Hall. When we first walked into University Hall, Rae remarked that it looked like an office building1. Sure enough, it used to be owned by Hughes Aircraft as its corporate headquarters before being purchased and converted to university use in 2000.

Professors Gail Wronsky (English) and Susan Barber (Film and Television Studies) introduced us at our screening, which had about 35-40 students, academics and community members.

Following the screening, Rae and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with friends from high school. Kyra is a Professor of Rhetoric at LMU, and Darren works in the special effects biz in Hollywood. While Rae went to check out another Bellarmine Forum event, a performance by the feminist art collective the Guerilla Girls, Darren and I had a long conversation about our lives after Country Day at Kaya Sushi. The two of us were both hardcore into art in high school, so it’s good to see that both of us are still pursuing art — albeit in different forms — today.

Here are a few photos from our screening at Loyola Marymount University.

1 To me, the building reminded me of the New Alexandria – Traxus Tower section from the Exodus mission of Halo Reach!


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