USC Screening Recap


Autumn Gem at USC

Our last screening on this Fall SoCal 2010 tour was held at the University of Southern California. I think the last time I was on campus was back in high school, when my school did a tour of West Coast colleges and universities.

Our sponsor was the USC US-China Institute, with Clayton Dube, Linda Truong, and Ada Tseng helping to organizing the screening. These three originally came from UCLA, which is the rival school to USC. That’s akin to the Stanford-Berkeley rivalry up here in the Bay Area. We joke at the beginning of our presentation how we show how Stanford and Berkeley can co-exist in matrimony. It always gets a laugh out of the crowd, especially when they can relate to it themselves.

We had difficulty getting our computers hooked up to the external projector, so we used the DVD to screen the film. Throughout the first half of screening, however, the sound kept going up and down; we weren’t sure what was happening, and we swapped DVDs at the midway point. Afterwards, the sound level was fine. This hasn’t happened to us before, but at least we were prepared with a backup.

We made some good contacts following the screening. We spoke at length with Monica C. from San Gabriel. Her organization is planning several large events centering around the 100-year anniversary of the Revolution of 1911. So, there’s a good chance we’ll be back in Southern California again next year! We had dinner with Clayton and got some great feedback about the film and tips on how we can market it better. We put the finishing touches on the Autumn Gem Study Guide, which is now available when purchasing the Institutional Version of Autumn Gem. If you ever wanted to teach the life of Qiu Jin and the history of the women’s movement in China at the end of the 19th-century, you’ll get a head start with our study guide!

Here are a few photos from our USC screening.


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