Goucher College Screening Recap


Autumn Gem at Goucher College

Our final stop in our Autumn Gem double feature yesterday was at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. I definitely liked the name of that city, especially since it’s pronounced the same way — think how now brown cow — my last name is! We were greeted at the university by Steve DeCaroli, Professor of Philosophy at Goucher. He heard about our film from the folks over at Red Emma’s Bookstore in Baltimore. Over some Pho dinner, we instantly bonded over various shared interests, including Red Boxes, Ultima (the map of Goucher reminded me of the cloth maps included in the early Ultima games from Origin Systems), philosophy and art history. We found it fascinating that students are required to study abroad (three weeks to a semester or year) in a foreign country. I really valued my time that I spent in Paris during my junior year at Stanford. Studying abroad is one of the things that I recommend to every college student, and it’s great to see a university that agrees!

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