Autumn Gem Article in the World Journal


We have a new article from David Wang about Autumn Gem, our screening tomorrow at the Chinese Culture Center, and our new iPad textbook, in the World Journal today:

自2007年開始籌畫研究,2009年自費開拍「秋瑾」紀錄片的華裔第二代張蕊(Rae Chang)與先生曹健鏗(Adam Tow),日前完成「秋瑾」(Autumn Gem)電子書,已在蘋果iBook上架。內容不但有文字,還有圖片及電影片段,是一本「多媒體電子書」。「秋瑾」目前在舊金山中華文化中心展出,張蕊和曹健鏗將於本周六,17日上午11時,在中心講解電影及示範電子書。







Life Matters Interview at ABC Radio


There’s a popular public radio program in the United States called All Things Considered; in Australia, a similar program is called Life Matters on the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio station. We were interviewed by Sydney-based program host, Richard Aedy, in the Melbourne station on Tuesday morning prior to our screening at Deakin University. This was our second radio interview, the first being at 3CR Community Radio 855 AM in Melbourne.

I think I speak for most people that hearing my own voice played back to me sounds odd. Do radio hosts, such as Richard, who have such soothing and melodic voices, feel the same way?

The actual interview will be broadcast next week, and we’ll try to get a podcast or MP3 of the interview that we can link to in this article. Until then, check out the photos from ABC Station!

Here are photos from our radio interview on the Life Matters program at ABC Radio.

3CR Community Radio 855 AM Interview


Rae at 3CR Community Radio 855 AM in Melbourne

On Saturday, we were interviewed by 3CR Community Radio 855 AM in Melbourne. Peter Krausz and Melinda O’Connor from the Media Moves program interviewed us about Autumn Gem and our upcoming screening tonight at RMIT University. I’ve been interviewed before on radio, but this was Rae’s first time. I thought we did a pretty job, though I’ll have to listen to the podcast to confirm!

With one radio interview under our belt, we’re looking forward to our second! Tomorrow morning, we’ll be heading to the Melbourne ABC Radio station for the Life Matters show. We hear that this program is comparable to NPR’s All Things Considered!

Here are some photos from our radio interview at 3CR Community Radio 855 AM.